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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"All American" Video Love Interest DOC TAY TAY is Live on Cam Tonight at Gay Hoopla

You know a website has made it big when they issue press releases to announce their shows! Check out the press release from GayHoopla.com announcing the live cam show of Doc Tay Tay, formerly Fratmen Taylor:
LOVE INTEREST OF STEVE GRAND'S NEW VIRAL ALL AMERICAN BOY IS TAKING OFF HIS CLOTHES LIVE ON CAMERA where the hottest guys share their personal videos -- www.gayhoopla.com.

Gayhoopla is a website that hosts LIVE cam shows 7 days a week of some of the hottestguys on the net jerking off. The site also offers exclusive content that is pre-recorded and available in the members area for on-demand viewing.

On screen love interest @doctaytay will be LIVE at 7PM PDT on 7.10.2013. You will get to chat LIVE and watch this hot ALL AMERICAN BOY take off his clothes.



  1. Gotta hand it to Leo - he knows how to run a business. Even though I am not a member of his site, I wish him the best of luck. Because he is not at Fratpad, that is one of the (many) reasons I no longer watch and subscribe.

    Keep up the hard work, Leo. Just wish you had a different name for you and your gayhoopthing. Not fond of either. Don't get it either.

  2. Porky9:53 PM

    "Gayhoopla.com" is the perfect name. HOOPLA = bustling excitement or activity Every night at 7PM Pacific Time, that is just what the site is. God only knows what you would name the site with your track record. Maybe "PussyParty.com?"



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